Who We Are

A passion for castles and history

As a child I was privileged to let my imagination run wild.
There was room for comic book heroes like Zorro, Tarzan, the Phantom, Tintin, Major Alvega, or the inescapable characters of Walt Disney.
There was room for adventure books like "The Five" by Enid Blyton or the extraordinary adventures of Jules Verve or many stories from the Middle Ages. There were the Adventures of Gulliver, Pinocchio, Ali Baba, the Crusades, secret passages in castles and hidden treasures.

Magical films like Charlot or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (by Ian Flemming, the creator of James Bond 007, another of my favourite heroes) fit in.
With all this wealth of influences, I started to build my own toys using wood, wire, leather, burlap, plaster and others.
I would draw them, cut them out, paint them, light them up... Toys that always accompanied a good story.

Our 3D Puzzles

I went a step further and started to design and build my own 3D puzzles in wood.
I grew up, studied engineering, worked in multinational companies, dealt with technology and travelled to many countries.
Done4talent was born.
An entrepreneur's passion for castles and history, combined with technology!

Our ambition is to stimulate curiosity and promote the

knowledge of the History of Portugal, using didactic products, which have to be built by their users.

Done4talent is a Portuguese company that develops 3D puzzles, for collecting and playing, in an innovative and very appealing material, environmentally friendly, stable and safe, easy to assemble and disassemble, strong and flexible, easy to wash and moisture resistant.

3D Puzzles Castles of Portugal
3D Puzzles Castles of Portugal
Aloha National Championship Sintra
National Championships of Mathematical Games
National Championships of Mathematical Games
3D Puzzles Castles of Portugal
3D Puzzles Castles of Portugal
3D Puzzles Castles of Portugal
3D Puzzles Castles of Portugal
3D Puzzles Castles of Portugal

Some of the moments we've experienced...

The child who has in his hands a 3D Puzzle Castelos de Portugal has achieved several things:

With the challenge of figuring out how to combine the pieces to build the 3D puzzle, he lifted the walls and saw, with his work, a Castle being born!

With his new castle next door, he has won a friend for the game and, as far as his imagination can reach, he can travel back to the times of kings, queens and princesses, medieval knights...

Your new castle, just around the corner, also tells you that, far away, there is a large castle just like it, where many stories have happened. And curiosity may knock on your door and ask you: how about going there to visit the big castle?

Some of the places we've been...

ALOHA National Championship
At the prize-giving ceremony of the V ALOHA Portugal National Championship (Feijão Verde Fun Park Sintra, May 2019)

Pumpkin Village, LxFactory
Our stand at Pumpkin Village 2018 (LX Factory, Lisbon)

National Championship of Mathematical Games
Our stand at the 14th National Championship of Mathematical Games (March 2018, Externato de Penafirme, Torres Vedras)

Mathematics Workshops (6th grade class, Escola Básica 2,3 Professor Agostinho da Silva , Municipality of Sintra, May 2018)


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