• Astrolabe (life-size)
  • Dimensions: 20 cm diameter
  • Instructions for use / brief history



The Astrolabe and its importance to the Portuguese Discoveries

It took a lot of courage for the Portuguese sailors who made the first great voyages of the Discoveries.
There were terrible rumors about what was beyond the sea. It was believed that in the West, the Atlantic Ocean would end in a huge cataract and that in the South, where the Sun reaches its peak, the heat would burn the ships.
The astrolabio was used by Portuguese cosmographers and navigators and proved to be an effective instrument and of great use for navigation, because with its help it was possible to accurately mark the position on Earth (latitude).
You can use it as it was done at the time of the Discoveries.
It is also very interesting for those who want to know more about geography, history or mathematics (!).
Find out more about the history of this extraordinary instrument by visiting our Blog.


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